CONTACT SHEET: Street Photography

by snapandtell


CONTACT SHEET: Back in the film days, a photographer would make a print of his negative, which gives an overview of all the photographs in the roll of film. It also shows the steps that the photographer took to get “The shot.”

I will try to show you guys my contact sheet for some of my shots. Let me know if this is something that is useful for you.

Back in college, I was a photo editor for the school publication where I get to see all and raw frames taken by the photographers, and it has always amazed me how the photographer has worked the scene to get “the shot” – It was almost a window to the photographer’s inner thoughts, the process in which he or she decides to pick an angle of view, lens to use, and  to know when to start and stop shooting.

The contact sheet for the main photo above:

contact sheet

I like the third shot. After that shot the two women turned… and I stopped shooting.