SF Street Portraiture

by snapandtell



Friends have asked me if people has said no to have their portraits taken. Yes, there have been a few. I am a stranger to them, after all. But there has been more yes than no.

I am compelled to shoot more street portraits. I like that I get to pick my subject, a random person from a pool of awesome individuals, unaware that they were about to be my willing model.

The City provides the stage. All I had to do was move my subject a feet or two from where they stand. And sometimes not move them at all.


Often, they would ask me “How do you want me to pose?” and I would just tell them to be themselves.

I limit my shots. Usually, I do a couple. Five the most.

I give them my business card and bid farewell.


Please let me know of any interesting experience you had with doing street portraiture. Or have you tried it? If not yet, why not?