Olivia and her cat

by snapandtell

I assisted a friend of mine in photographing her niece, Olivia. We went to a ranch in Lodi California. With Olivia all dolled-up, we were excited to start photographing.

Unfortunately, Olivia was not in the mood to do a photoshoot — adamant no to hold a prop, smiles were rarely given, and her attention wanders elsewhere.


We caught something that seemed to pique her interest: a friendly cat. Needless to say, we have put the cat to work. We brought the cat closer to Olivia. She smiled. My friend snapped a frame.


We have asked Olivia to run and find the cat and she did excitingly. My friend snapped a frame again.


Olivia relaxed a bit after that and smiles were given more.


I wanted to show the relationship Olivia and the cat had, through the photographs I’ve shot. Although brief, I think they both had fun. I don’t have a photo here with Olivia smiling. Trust me, my friend sure did.