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Month: October, 2013

Happy Halloween!


Sacramento Street Photography


I went for a walk earlier today with my rolleicord TLR camera. This is my favorite from the roll. Shooting TLR has given me new ways to look for shots. Looking down at the finder has given me a way to shoot at a much lower perspective without getting down on my knees.  I am not going to lie, It was a lot more difficult compared to shooting with my rangefinder or my slr, where I have my camera at eye level.

I have four 120 film to burn… I will be using them soon for more street candids/portraits.





Let me in


Let. Me. In.

Stockton Blvd.


Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento California.


Shadow Portraits



Olivia and her cat

I assisted a friend of mine in photographing her niece, Olivia. We went to a ranch in Lodi California. With Olivia all dolled-up, we were excited to start photographing.

Unfortunately, Olivia was not in the mood to do a photoshoot — adamant no to hold a prop, smiles were rarely given, and her attention wanders elsewhere.


We caught something that seemed to pique her interest: a friendly cat. Needless to say, we have put the cat to work. We brought the cat closer to Olivia. She smiled. My friend snapped a frame.


We have asked Olivia to run and find the cat and she did excitingly. My friend snapped a frame again.


Olivia relaxed a bit after that and smiles were given more.


I wanted to show the relationship Olivia and the cat had, through the photographs I’ve shot. Although brief, I think they both had fun. I don’t have a photo here with Olivia smiling. Trust me, my friend sure did.






I am inspired by candid street and journalistic photographs, and the great photographers who made them. The likes of Henri-Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank, Elliot Erwitt…


Check this film on Robert Frank:

One of my favorite photographers. Let me know what you think.

Street Portraiture


When I saw the red window bars and his red sun glasses, plus the awesome shaft of light, I knew I had to pull him off the group, to shoot this portrait.


These street portraits are shot with an Ektar 100 color film and a Rolleicord TLR.


The two black and white photographs are conversions.  Color in a photograph should be there to help the image, and not to be a distraction.

To these wonderful people who have let me photograph … Thank you.