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Month: August, 2013



His name is Bo, a photographer and an avid collector of vintage and antique cameras.

Elk Grove Street Portraiture


Old Elk Grove morning walk

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SF Street Photography with the Fuji X100

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I shot with my newly-acquired used Fuji X100, for the first time, in San Francisco. After three batteries drained on an eight-hour street photography, I can tell you that the X100, despite its flaws, which I listed below, is the perfect fit for my style of shooting (street).

The Cons:

1. Unintuitive button placement for changing the focus point. I had to use both thumbs to operate something that could have been designed to only use one.

2. Auto focus is slower, and sometimes inaccurate in low-light low contrast scenes.

3. Drains battery very quickly.

4. The worst thing with this camera is the start-up time, a second and a half of wait until you can fire your camera again upon switching on.

And now, the Pros:

1. Shoulder friendly: Light, but feels sturdy to hold. Unlike with my dslr, or even with my Leica M3, I did not have to shift the strap from one shoulder to the other every now and then, to avoid fatigue.

2. It is quiet, or should I say, SILENT  – quieter than my Leica.

3. Sharp even shot wide open (Check third photo from top)

4. The 35mm focal length (converted) is perfect for me!

5. Unobtrusive. Its compact size allowed me to zig-zag my way in and out crowded places, shooting, and has not hit anyone, which happened a few times with my dslr.

6. Physical aperture, and shutter speed dials!

7. Clear and big hybrid viewfinder… but my M3’s rangefinder, I should say is still better.

Sacramento Street Portraiture

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SF Street Portraiture

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Allison and Jared

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Ashley’s 18th

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Cheryl and Bengyl

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