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Month: February, 2013




Napa River Trail




Morning Walk

cafe (Large) city (Large) fries (Large) walk (Large)

film fun

film black and white165

You might remember the people above from my recent post. This is the photo I have shot of them in film, and in all honesty, I like the Iphone shot better. Check it here

black and white feb109-3

Street portrait: He was on his way to ride away, and was very kind to spare some time to pose for the camera.

film black and white147

Shot from the hip. Zone focused with my rangefinder, pre-metered with my Pocket Light Meter app from my Iphone…and snapped! My Leica M3 was so quiet, no one heard it made an exposure. This is my favorite from the roll.

The October Family

_JGH1011 _JGH1025 _JGH1058 hamish100 (Large) hamish105-2 (Large)

I was asked by a fellow photographer and friend, Hamish, to do a photoshoot of him and his pregnant wife. It was an honor to do so.

Please check his work at

Downtown photoshoot

_JGH1172 _JGH1337 _JGH1391 _JGH1471 _JGH1519 1 (Large) 2 (Large) 3 (Large) 4 (Large)

Fruit Vendor


My phone, my camera


The view outside, on a train ride to San Francisco.


Market street, San Francisco. I love how people did not know I am shooting away, or could not care less. A true advantage of the phone camera over my heavy DSLR and even my film rangefinder camera.


On a Muni train ride. The dog caught me snapping. I guess my phone’s not too stealthy after all.

Victoria, Two Face, and Frank


I followed this trio around. I told them that I was a street photographer, and asked them if it was okay to take a portrait of them – they let me! After a few frames with my film camera, I bid farewell.

And then, I saw them again, this time they were just hanging out by the tracks. I finished a whole roll of black and white tri-x film taking photos of them just going about their business. Before I waved goodbye once again, I saw this moment. Out of film, and not a moment to lose, I fished for my Iphone camera… and snapped.

This is my phone camera photo for the month of February, and so far my favorite.

Film shots still needs to get developed. I’m excited.

Naughty Gras 2013

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