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Month: December, 2012

Yashica GT find at a thrift store today!

It is priced around $80 – $100 on Ebay. Purchased it for $29.99 at a local thrift store. I just loaded it with an expired Kodak  200 speed film, and will surely shoot with it this week!

I have put in a working battery, borrowed from a similar model (my Yashica GSN), and it showed signs of life. Everything seems to be in good working order.  I think.

Yashica Electro GT

I will update this post with pictures taken with this camera. Crossing my fingers. Hopefully this one works.

UPDATE: It works!

Below are images produced by this camera. These were taken the first of January.


filmelectro922 filmelectro925 filmelectro929 filmelectro936 filmelectro940 filmelectro941

Sharpness was good at 1.7 but it is tack sharp at f4 and smaller. Beware of flare! It produces pentagonal shaped flares if you are not careful. I find that the metering was spot on most of the time, with a tendency to favor underexposing in dimly lit scenes.


Linda & Ian Wedding

LIN&IAN-654 LIN&IAN-663 LIN&IAN-670 LIN&IAN-674 LIN&IAN-688 LIN&IAN-699 LIN&IAN-751 _JGP1114 LIN&IAN-264 LIN&IAN-265 LIN&IAN-267 LIN&IAN-271 LIN&IAN-285 LIN&IAN-296 LIN&IAN-297 LIN&IAN-308 LIN&IAN-310 LIN&IAN-315 LIN&IAN-316 LIN&IAN-318 LIN&IAN-321 LIN&IAN-340 LIN&IAN-351 LIN&IAN-357 LIN&IAN-360 LIN&IAN-364 LIN&IAN-370 LIN&IAN-389 LIN&IAN-475 LIN&IAN-479 LIN&IAN-499 LIN&IAN-507

Allison & Jared

ajengagement01 ajengagement02 ajengagement03


Bria Silhouette

iphone photo december 2012 1

First phone camera photo for the month of December. Adjusted contrast and converted to black and white on post.