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Month: March, 2012

Oscilloscope Camera

The Tektronix C-4 CRT Camera:



With what seems like a retro film speed gun, this funky camera caught my eyes as I was going through some items at a thrift store.

A few Google search and Wiki later, I learned that what I have is an Oscilloscope camera. This Polaroid back film camera will take any of the Fuji FP instant film. It is meant to capture images of the squiggly lines produced on an oscilloscope screen, like one of those heart beat machines.

SPECS: Tominon f 4.5 105mm (Copal Polaroid) Bulb-1/125 f4.5 – f 32, Fixed focus lens, No view finder

below are photos taken with this camera:


yashica cs-14

$2.50 flash na nabili sa thrift store

west portal san francisco ca


Birthday party photo shoot faves

Last week I have photographed a baptism/first birthday event. Here two of my favorites.