Snap and Tell

Month: June, 2011

Polaroid Fun

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For the past week I have been shooting with my Polaroid Land 360 camera, a 1970 model. I love the way the camera looks, and how sturdy and solid it feels to hold. It develops contrasty black & whites in under a minute. I just wish the film was a little cheaper. I shot with a Fuji FP100b and FP100c pack films. A pack of 10 shots costs around 10-12 dollars.

Here are some of the photographs it helped me produce!

Photojourn & Portraiture

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As I was driving home from my training in Prestige Citrus Heights two weeks ago I saw a small hut that seems to be a flower/Strawberry store. The Clouds were epic that day, and I had to stop and see if I can photograph.
The last day of our training last Friday me and my co-workers went to Old Sacramento for Lunch/Field trip. It was really nice that we had models to photograph!

Sarah & Daniel

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Assisting Gig!

Yesterday I assisted for two of my good friends,and very talented photographers, Stephen Lam and Scott Fong. Here are some of my shots from Sarah & Daniels’ beautiful wedding.

Location: Palm Event Center in the Vineyard Pleasanton CA