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Month: May, 2011

Jana & Eric

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A recent shoot I did for my cousin Jana and her soon to be husband Eric. They were so easy to photograph, and the weather was just beautiful. They have picked a very photogenic location (The rose garden at McKinley Park in Sacramento CA) that I have not used before – Highly recommended location. My cousin Allison graciously assisted me. Thanks Alli!

Street Shoot

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I have recently purchased a Leica M3! It needs some work done with it still- Leather cover and shutter repair. Here are some test shots of the M3.

The M3 is my first rangefinder camera. And using this camera is a whole different experience with my Nikon slrs. What I love with this camera: very quiet shutter,compact, unassuming to some degree, sharp glass. What I don’t like or should I say struggling to learn: focusing is easy with stationary subjects, but I am still too slow in focusing with moving subjects, for its small size this is one heavy camera.

Locke CA

Locke CA by JohnGphoto
Locke CA, a photo by JohnGphoto on Flickr.

I have been shooting more film recently. The tonal range of film still surpasses that of digital.

made with:
nikkor 20mm 2.8
Fuji Superia xtra 400
Epson V500 scanner

The Debut

Untitled by JohnGphoto
Untitled, a photo by JohnGphoto on Flickr.

This girl did not seem to mind the smoke machine at all!

This photo was from a Debut (18th birtday celebration) shoot.